Installation, dimensions variable

Plexiglass, transparencies, lighting and projection

The physical world is dual in nature. This duality is expressed through the particle and the wave. There are reasons to regard these two aspects as more or less independent entities so that we may speak of a material and immaterial world.

Light also is dual in nature, it can behave like a material particle but it can also appear as a wave.

My installation uses light as a medium for the visualization of two complementary realities. One structured, concrete and logical and another that is random, psychological and sentimental. These two different views represent the dipole between needs and dreams that is fundamental in human life.

Visitors will experience an immersive projection above their heads on the surfaces in the surrounding space and a simultaneous flat projection on the ground. There will be motion in both of the projections. The upper projection will be a smoothly rotating swarm of bright bird shapes over a slightly bluish aura and the ground projection a shadowy mechanism of rotating engaged gears belts and rollers. 

It is in the nature of light to reveal things, to bring them out of darkness and make them visible. In my work, I use light as the medium that gives shape and form to the underlying concepts and ideas.