Interactive installation

I have always loved the intersection of art and technology.  At first, these two worlds were separate and distinct for me, but overtime I started to combine and merge these two complementary realities. In my paintings I capture and record not only what I see, but also what I feel exists.

There is so much we don’t see with the naked eye, or miss in our daily lives, and that is where art takes over.

Outside the canvas, I employ digital media for the creation of interactive installations. Colors, lines, forms, textures, lights and shadows are my tools in this process. 



Recent exhibitions

6/9/2022 – 15/9/2022, Giantes, Vryssaki, Plaka, Athens

20/9/2021 – 1/10/2021, Women,  ArteVisione Gallery, Athens

19/9/2021 – 2/10/2021, Two centuries of liberty, Mesogaia Arts Association, Former Kampas Winery Building, Pallini