We think with words, communicate with words, and do all we can to explain our lives and the world around us through this medium. But sometimes the words we reach for are not capable of capturing what actually exists before us. Many times we are witnessing something unexplainable, and find ourselves speechless.

Art is a way of communicating beyond the limits of language.


I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and currently live in Athens. I have always loved the intersection of art and technology. I studied electrical engineering at University of Thessaloniki and physics at Paris XI, while painting and creating artwork  (BA of honours in Fine Arts & Technology, Middlesex University, UK). At first, these two worlds were separate and distinct for me, but overtime I started to combine and merge these two complementary realities-the structured and the freeform.

Light plays a central role in my work. It is the medium that illuminates all concepts and ideas. The seen and the unseen.

I work as an active artist in painting, multimedia, and interactive installations with several years of experience as a telecom engineer.

Artist Statement

In my paintings, I capture and record what I feel exists. I use unique codes to describe the structure of the visual elements and the products of interaction among them that escape our direct perception. This allows you to render visible what was previously invisible and unspoken.

My work creates the ability to translate the essence of things, using colors, lines, forms, textures, lights and shadows as my tools.

My paintings portray both figures and landscapes, varying from aquamarine seas to bright red nights, and from colorful feminine and masculine figures inside modern complexes to various abstract themes. I use oil, acrylics and ink.

I also construct light-boxes, combining acrylic and ink paintings on a transparent surface with LED lights.

A main source of inspiration is the combination of art and technology, due to the endless possibilities for expression, creation, innovation and research it has to offer. I employ digital media and electronics for the creation of interactive installations. I love for you to immerse yourself into these environments and experience them.

Light plays a central part in my work. I use it as the medium that gives shape and form to the underlying concepts and ideas. In my installations,the light may change its rhythm, color, and pattern or be projected on its surroundings and form shapes and shadows.

I hope you find something here that sparks your imagination and creates a whole new language where before there was none.


2020 SymbiosisMesogaia Arts AssociationFormer Kampas Winery Building, Pallini

2019 From Above, Mesogaia Arts AssociationFormer Kampas Winery Building, Pallini

2019 A Flower for a PoemAqua Gallery, Art Hotel, Santorini

2018 Kampas, Mesogaia Arts AssociationFormer Kampas Winery Building, Pallini

2018 Art 10 Gallery, Athens

2018 The Art, Myself, Depot Art Gallery

2018 Aeriofos, Technopolis City of Athens

2017 Terra Incognita, MalouArt Gallery, Athens

2017 Engineers create, while painting, Olympic Municipal Art Gallery of Maroussi “Spyros Louis”, Athens

2017 Aegean Blue, Agios Athanasios Cultural Center, Paros Island

2017 Meso-gaia, Iannis Pantazidis/Marble Art Center, Athens

2016 Nighscapes, Art.estate Gallery, Halandri

2015 The Kavvadia’s legendary, Group Ante Portas, Chili Art Gallery, Athens

2015 In Lavrio, Mesogaia Arts Association, Foundry building, Lavrio

2015 The artistic expression of women engineers, Art.estate  Gallery, Halandri

2014 The era of bourgeois, Artscape Athens and Art 10 Gallery, Athens

2013 Open Doors II, graduate works AKTO Report, Technopolis Athens

2013 Transitions, Booze Cooperativa, Athens

2012 Art of chance, Cultural Centre – University Lounge ‘Kostis Palamas, Athens

2012 Painting exhibition, Cultural Center of Peania

2012 Painting exhibition, Greek-French Association, Athens

2011 BA Degree Group Show, Akto Art & Design College, Athens

2010 Painting exhibition, Former Kampas Winery Building, Pallini

2009 Post-formations I, Foundation Antonio Dal Ponte, Venice, Italy

2009 Painting exhibition, Former Kampas Winery Building, Pallini

2008 Snow much and Happy New World,  Group Ante Portas, Bookstore Janus, Athens

2008 Dimitris Maninis and the look of his students,  Periaktoi Theatre, Athens

2005 Photokymves, Alekton gallery, Athens